Cindy shares her beautiful gift in an equally beautiful way. With her help as a psychic medium I have been able to understand messages that I received from family and friends that have transitioned. I do genealogical work and have two books published on my family history. She has assisted using her gift to fill in missing pieces of documentation.

Through her expertise as a Reiki Master/Teacher, I am now a level 1 and have the ability to mediate (talk to my guides,) send Light and Love to friends and family and comfort and heal myself. She is a true Journeyman and a pleasure to work with.

I can always count on Cindy and her guides for encouragement, and positive reinforcement....
Thanks for letting me be a part of your beautiful gift.

Dara deBlieux

Cindy Rodney is the real deal!! I have had two sessions with Cindy and am amazed at the accuracy of her readings, and the depth of information that she passes on. In addition, my spouse and aunt have had readings, and both were surprised with how much she revealed that she had no way of knowing. She told me things about loved ones who had passed that was totally on-spot. In addition, she gave me helpful information about my life that also proved accurate. Cindy is kind and compassionate, and she chooses her words with care in her readings.


She also has a great grasp on her role in a reading and follows the guidance she is given. I highly recommend a reading with Cindy – it’s a spirit-filling and life-changing experience.


I have known Cindy for almost 5 years now and have always received deep clarity from her readings. I am so thankful for her and her guidance from spirit. Cindy’s readings always open my eyes just a little wider so that I can see the bigger picture of it all, and feel at peace with all of life’s twists and turns.


I now have stronger connections with many loved ones that have passed, and I am most thankful to Cindy for that, as I know they are always with me.

Sage Keller

I really can't say enough positive things about Cindy! She has helped to guide me through some trying times in my life the past 3 years. I am a skeptic on most things, but after about 10 minutes into our first session, I was convinced that she had an amazing gift and how wonderful of her to share it with us. She has such a warm and caring spirit and I always look forward to speaking with her. Over the years, we have developed a friendship that I will continue to treasure. I feel truly grateful that she was put in my path. As always, thank you! 


Destin, Florida

Cindy has an amazing gift and I am very thankful she has shared it with me. The messages she has delivered to me have provided me the insight and the truth I need at just the right time. Her gift is real and is a blessing to all who are open to it. I am thrilled to be able to yell from the rooftop how amazing she is!


Yvette Champagne 

Biloxi, MS

I met Cindy through a mutual friend.  I didn’t know she was a medium and once told didn’t know if I believed in that sort of thing. However, what I had noticed was Cindy’s kind and generous ways. I felt I could trust her because she was always honest with me. When I finally went to see her as a medium (it took me awhile because us skeptics don’t give up easily,) I was so glad I did. My father had passed away somewhat suddenly and I felt guilty about some things. Hearing from my father was a Godsend. I’m so appreciative for the gift she gave me and I now know it was a gift given to her from God.