Having known from a young age that I was sensitive to energies of an intuitive divine nature, I always remember seeing, sensing and talking to the angels and loved ones in Spirit. Lacking an outlet at that time, I was guided by my Angels, Guides and loved ones in Spirit to a better understanding of my connection with them. Along the way, I realized this wasn’t something everyone experienced, nor was it accepted in most circles! Knowing this nudged me to go within to try to close off my abilities as much as I could. Well, at least that was my plan...


It was in 2000, after the tragic and sudden death of my only brother, as well as a series of deaths of other close loved ones and friends, that my life subsequently changed. A few days after my brother's passing, he came to me and said "you need to share your abilities." At that point my life was changed!  


My private work over the many years has brought peace and understanding of a variety of concerns to people all over the world and it's my honor to share this work with you!